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Q61: Will AES provide receipts for any items that are donated?
A61: AES will provide receipts for any items that are donated.

Q62: Will AES be submitting any sort of forms to the IRS indicating any amounts for items that were donated on behalf of myself or the estate?
A62: AES does not submit any forms to the IRS for items that were donated on behalf of yourself or the estate.

Q63: Why are most dining room sets and china no longer desirable?
A63: Most dining room and china sets are no longer desirable for many reasons: such as smaller families, faster lifestyles, husbands & wives both working, etc. Ask yourself, When is the last time that you hosted a formal dinner?

Q64: Do you work with hoarders?
A64: AES does work with hoarders. If necessary, we empty entire homes over an extended time period by working room by room.

Q65: I feel that my house is a mess, should I clean up before our Consultation Evaluation?
A65: You do not need to clean up your house before our Consultation Evaluation. What you may think is a mess, AES probably views as only being Neatly Disorganized.

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