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Household Liquidation Specialist™

What we DO:

We DO personally participate in every estate sale and cleanout!

We DO clean, price, tag and display contents!

We DO document all transactions!

We DO manage all aspects of our service!

We DO sell ONLY your merchandise on premise!

We DO work with a network of auctioneers, buyers, consignment shops, dealers, etc!

We DO accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover & American Express!

Credit Cards

We DO collect and disperse New York State Sales Tax!

We DO coordinate merchandise donations!

We DO handle all advertising!

We DO take high resolution before and after digital photographs!

We DO clean attics, basements, garages, crawl spaces, sheds, etc.

We DO follow federal, state & municipal recycling guidelines!

We DO offer FREE over the phone consultations!

We DO offer written fair market value appraisals for collections, estates, insurance, moving, etc!

We DO coordinate packing, shipping & delivery with professional movers & shippers, nationally & internationally!

We DO offer to sell merchandise online!

We DO purchase full estates!

We DO vacuum all carpets!

We DO vacuum basements!

We DO vacuum garages!

We DO leave your home broom clean!

We DO Deliver What We Promise!


T en tips on cleaning out clutter.

1. Start small when starting to declutter. Pick one area or room and sort through your stuff. Purge item(s) no longer needed. Assign a place for the keepers. Ask yourself, "Am I going to ever need or use this?"

2. Keep all items orderly. Create zones for all related items and move them to these zones.

3. Asking family members to assist you is a cost effective way of decluttering.

4. Organization needs consistency. Talk to your significant other about maintaining a united front to keep these items organized.

5. Giving items away to family and friends is another cost effective way of decluttering. Do not be disappointed if they do not want or need anything.

6. Donate duplicate or unwanted items to a charity.

7. Pick your battles. You are the general. Start with what is manageable, like a closet or drawer, and then work your way to larger projects, such as an attic, basement or garage.

8. Create routines. Make it a habit to tackle a new project every month or every 60-90 days.

9. Put items away NOW. Instead of letting items pile up, put them away immediately.

10. Enjoy your accomplishment. Go out to dinner, a movie or a walk around the block.

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