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Q21: What does AES specialize in?
A21: We specialize in Vintage Toys which are quite popular. We are also active buyers of previously enjoyed costume jewelry, Militaria, hunting and fishing items, sewing machines and accessories and all hobby related items including, but not limited to American Flyer and Lionel trains.

Q22: Should I unbox what I have already boxed up?
A22: No. Do not spend valuable time unboxing items that you have already boxed up.

Q23: Is the younger generation interested in my old stuff?
A23: The younger generation is not interested in most of the same types of items that our parents and grandparents generations were interested in. They have become the throwaway, or disposable, generation.

Q24: What is the younger generation interested in today compared to 20-30 years ago?
A24: The advantage AES had 20 to 30 years ago is that we sold large expensive items, like dining room sets, oriental rugs, full bedroom sets and china and dinnerware. Today, the younger generation is growing up with shopping online for smaller items. They appear to only be interested in their smartphones!

Q25: Should I wait to downsize?
A25: If you think that there is a chance that you will move within the next few years, start to downsize now. Downsizing puts you in control of what to sell, dispose of or get rid of. It also takes the tremendous amount of pressure that children and/or relatives go through when trying to decide what to do with your stuff!

Q26: Can you help me to relocate to a smaller home or community?
A26: If you are changing your lifestyle by moving to a smaller home, community or assisted living, AES can help you with your relocation and transition.

Q27: Are yesterdays customers tomorrows consumers?
A27: No. Each year our clients and core customers grow one (1) year older and new consumers realize they will never need to overpay for merchandise that is coming out of the woodwork at a such a fast rate.

Q28: Why don`t you run multiple estate sales in the same week?
A28: It is absolutely impossible to be in more than one place at one time! We give each client 100% of our personal attention and believe wholeheartedly that running multiple sales during the same week is a disservice to our client!

Q29: Do you advertise on the radio?
A29: Listen to the AES 30 second radio commercial on WXRL 1300 AM

Q30: Can you supply references?
A30: Absolutely! References are available! We have many happy clients who are willing to share their positive experiences!

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