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Q81: What type of pop culture do you regularly sell?
A81: AES regularly sells almost anything nostalgic. Examples are Barbie Dolls, Comic Books, Gum Cards (Sports & Non-Sports), Lionel Trains, Model Kits, Robots, Science Fictions & Space Toys, Tin Toys, etc.

Q82: Do you handle getting my items professionally graded?
A82: Absolutely. AES regularly uses a variety of sources to have Cards, Coins, Comics, etc professionally graded.

Q83: How long does it take to get my items professionally graded?
A83: AES can have items graded in a as little as a few days or as long as several weeks. Time frames are cost dependent.

Q84: Do you appraise sterling silver items?
A84: Yes, we regularly appraise sterling silver items for our clients.

Q85: Do you sell sterling silver items?
A85: Yes, we regularly sell sterling silver items for our clients.

Q86: What are some items that may be sterling silver?
A86: Some antique & vintage items that could be sterling silver are: basins, baskets, bottles, bowls, bracelets, brushes, buckles, casters, coasters, coins, combs, cups, decanters, forks, frames, jewelry, mirrors, rings, shakers, spoons, tankards, teapots, trays, trophies & tureens.

Q87: Do you appraise items made of gold?
A87: Yes, we regularly appraise items made of gold for our clients.

Q88: Do you sell items made of gold?
A88: Yes, we regularly sell items made of gold for our clients.

Q89: What are some items that may be made of gold?
A89: Primarily antique & vintage jewelry items that are made of gold are: rings, bracelets, charms, necklaces, earrings, brooches, watches & pocket watches. Certain US & foreign coins have also been made of gold and need to be appraised.

Q90: How is gold graded?
A90: Gold is graded by its purity. Twenty-four Karat gold (24K) is the highest grade of gold.

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