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Q1: What does Andrews Estate Service charge for their service?
A1: There are many variables which determine what the total costs will be to hire AES. Only after an onsite Consultation & Evaluation, can and will a definitive written & guaranteed quote be issued.

Q2: Why am I hiring Andrews Estate Service?
A2: You are hiring Andrews Estate Service to downsize, to clean or empty out an attic, basement, garage, shed, etc. AES also is hired to empty an entire house to prepare it for sale or post sale to accommodate the new owners.

Q3: Do I need to empty cabinets and/or closets before our appointment?
A3: You do not have to empty cabinets and/or closets before or after our appointment.

Q4: What do you do with Items that do not sell?
A4: There are several options available. Our most often course of action is to wholesale off what is left or donate Items to needy organizations.

Q5: Can family members be present during the sale?
A5: Yes, family members are welcome to attend the sale as a member of the public. It has been our experience that family members prefer to stay away during the actual sale.

Q6: I do NOT want strangers in my house. Do I have to have an Estate Sale?
A6: No, an Estate Sale is NOT mandated. Other options are available and will be discussed at the appropriate time.

Q7: For how many days does the actual sale take place?
A7: Each sale is unique. There are many static and dynamic variables which determine the length of a particular sale.

Q8: How long will it take to empty out my house or apartment?
A8: The total time required to properly empty out a house or apartment depends on many factors. Some of the many factors which determine costs are: numbers of rooms, types of contents, amounts of trash, locality, accessibility, weather, etc.

Q9: Where do you advertise?
A9: We advertise in local and regional newspapers, on the internet on pertinent websites and local comprehensive signage during the sale dates.

Q10: When the Estate Sale is over, do I have to hire someone else to clean up?
A10: No! You do not have to hire and pay for someone else to clean up. We do it all!

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