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Q31: I have furniture in a storage unit that I inherited and would like to get rid of. What do you do in such a circumstance; buy, sell, donate?
A31: We regularly liquidate storage units of all sizes. Depending upon our client`s individual circumstances and preferences, we may buy, sell, consign and/or donate. Briefly, we will clean it out and sell the contents for current fair market value. Whatever steps are needed to clean out your storage unit, and make as much money as we can for you, will be determined after we examine what you have.

Q32: Should I put my stuff into a storage unit?
A32: Our core belief is that the SHORT TERM use, and associated costs, of a storage unit has some benefits, while the overall costs of the LONG TERM use of a storage unit is never beneficial.

Q33: Is my stuff going into a landfill?
A33: Landfills are a last resort. We follow the 5 R`s... Recycle, Reduce, Refuse, Repurpose, Reuse. Unless there is obvious damage from water, mold, mildew, etc, we make every effort to give your stuff a new life, in a new home.

Q34: Did I hear your ad on Senior Radio Buffalo?
A34: Yes! Listen every Saturday at 11:00 AM to the AES 60 second radio commercial on WBEN 930 AM Senior Radio Buffalo

Q35: What if I do not have enough merchandise for an estate sale?
A35: There are several options available other than running an estate sale that we will discuss with you during our Consultation Evaluation.

Q36: If I do not have enough stuff for a sale, will you bring someone else`s stuff into my house?
A36: We will never bring some else`s stuff into your home. Sears does not sell their merchandise at a JC Penny store.

Q37: Can you consolidate my items with someone else`s?
A37: Under no circumstances will we ever bring your merchandise into someone else`s home to sell.

Q38: Can you consign some of my items?
A38: Yes. We work with many of the consignment shops in the WNY area.

Q39: Can you sell my treasures online?
A39: Yes. Many of our clients do not have the knowledge, patience or time necessary to deal with online sales.

Q40: Can you provide any letters of recommendation?
A40: Absolutely! Over the years we have received many letters from our satisfied clients. However, this has always been one of our proudest Estate Sale Letter Of Recommendation

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