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Q51: Can you sell Items from my family run estate sale, garage sale or yard sale?
A51: Yes we can sell Items from your family run estate sale, garage sale or yard sale. The reality is that if you already tried to sell Items on your own and were unsuccessful, these same Items will not bring in much.

Q52: What does a Consultation Evaluation consist of?
A52: A Consultation Evaluation allows us to meet face-to-face and discuss your needs. We will come over to physically see what you need for us to accomplish. We will take detailed photographs and/or videos of the rooms and/or areas that need emptying, as well as, the Items that need selling, donating, consigning and/or auctioning. We will make a detailed list of all of the Items that you plan on keeping. We will sit down with you and discuss exactly what you would like us to do and a timeframe to accomplish this. We will discuss and design a plan specifically for your needs.

Q53: How long does a Consultation Evaluation take?
A53: Each Consultation Evaluation is unique. Please expect us to spend, at least 90 minutes to properly evaluate your needs. Our average Consultation Evaluation lasts 2 hours. It is highly unlikely that we will need to spend more than 3 hours, although this has happened on several occasions.

Q54: What happens after our Consultation Evaluation?
A54: If you decide to hire AES, we will put together a contract spelling out the specifics of the plan that we discussed during our Consultation Evaluation.

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